Update for Week Ending May 15, 202020200520222759

Update for Week Ending May 15, 2020

Richard Kluska, CIM®May 20, 20200 comments
We begin this week’s commentary by wishing you good health and happiness during these trying times. We want to thank you for entrusting us in navigating your investments through these challenging market conditions. Remember, our primary investment objectives are capital preservation, income generation and prudent growth. We want you to know that we are here […]...
Update for Week Ending May 1, 202020200506172433

Update for Week Ending May 1, 2020

Richard Kluska, CIM®May 6, 20200 comments
It’s been approximately 10 weeks since the peak of the markets back on February 19th 2020.  During this time, we have experienced extreme market volatility both on the downside to the lows of March 23rd followed by a snap recovery purely supported by central bank and government intervention. The exceptions were the MEGA cap stocks […]...