Investment strategies that are focused on your best interests, your goals, and your risk tolerance.

In a complex marketplace with ever-shifting economic tides, it’s crucial that your investments are guided by prudence and expertise.
IP Investment Counsel Inc. mitigates these risks through a pragmatic and well-balanced approach to investing.

IP Private Wealth manages the investments and insurance needs of our clients, ensuring that your wealth has the best chance of growth while also being protected from risk and unpredictable crises.

IP Private Wealth has a fiduciary responsibility to our clients. That means we’re beholden to you and your best interest–not the bank’s.

Best of all: we want you to understand your money. Our advisors spend time helping each client understand where their money is, and what options they have to consider.

The financial services industry has trained clients not to ask questions. We beg to differ. We want your tough questions. That is how we do our best work.


Our team of industry experienced wealth advisors work closely with you to determine your risk tolerance, time horizon, and objectives before constructing your individualized portfolio. Your portfolio team members:

  • meet regularly to review research, assess risks and economic landscape to ensure the portfolios are balanced relative to the risk/return expectations in the market place;
  • adhere to your Investment Policy Statement by constructing a well-diversified portfolio of fixed income, alternative funds, North American stocks and international ETF’s;
  • have both institutional and retail investment experience;
  • actively manage the fixed income asset class, assessing and mitigating interest rate and credit risk;
  • complete thorough due diligence on Alternative Funds and their managers and process;
  • adhere to a disciplined and fundamentally sound active stock selection strategy and do not chase speculative themes;
  • answer to you, and only you.

* Investment management services are provided through IP Investment Counsel Inc., a Portfolio Manager and Exempt Market Dealer registered in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia

Investing is portrayed as a fast-paced rollercoaster full of unbridled risk and dizzying gains. In reality, those who invest without the guidance of a prudent and focused team are unlikely to reach their goals and very likely to be left with regrets. IP Private Wealth strives to provide clients with investment guidance that will weather the worst storms.