Our integrated
wealth management
process begins
with a coffee.

We can’t properly build a financial plan without getting to know you first. Strategic and effective financial plans aren’t created with pre-set packages, boiler plate strategies or generic products. They are built on a foundation of understanding. We listen, we analyze, we execute, we monitor and we report to YOU.

IP 360°TM

Our Integrated Planning Solution

Our office is rooted in the ability to assist clients through a Family Office approach. To that end we have formalized what we now call the IP 360°TM Approach. Simply put, we take a complete “360°” look at all that encompasses your personal and corporate financial matters.


Your team of expert wealth advisors work to accurately assess your needs and goals. We’ll deliver a comprehensive, easy-to-follow financial plan that works towards your specific needs.

Your team will integrate:

  • Your lifestyle and personal goals, giving you peace of mind that your financial plan will provide the resources you need to live the life you want.
  • Corporate Strategies, including professional advice on corporations, trusts, corporate governance, exit planning and estate planning.
  • Tax Strategies: planning that addresses the realities of taxation and stays on top of the ever-changing tax landscape.
  • Wealth Management and Investments: Applying an institutional approach to investing with a prudent and highly disciplined process to stock selection, asset allocation, and risk management.
  • Estate Planning: guiding business owners in navigating the sale or transferring of ownership of a company, philanthropic giving, and passing their estate onto the next generation.

Addressing each segment of IP 360°TM approach provides a financial life plan to assure you that you have the resources needed to live the lifestyle you want – isn’t that the purpose of your Wealth Advisor.

“After my husband passed, the IP team worked closely with me and my lawyer to develop a financial plan that addressed both my personal cash flow needs as well as my philanthropic goals. During this difficult time they gave me peace of mind and a solid plan of how to move forward with my life and my goals.”

— J.S.