Cassandra is a Financial Planning Associate with IP Private Wealth. Cassandra works in tandem with the senior advisor team to create an intensive, 360° plan for each client that takes into account all aspects of their wealth--while also taking into account their personal goals and challenges. Cassandra plays a key role in providing clients with our holistic financial plans, called the IP360°. These plans provide direction to a client’s entire advisor group. She works closely with the advisory team to gather and analyze technical and financial information relating to the development of tax, investment, estate, and wealth planning strategies for affluent clients.

Understanding your child’s RESP20220608161350

Understanding your child’s RESP

Hearing the word RESP is common around this time of year as your kids accept offers to university or college and begin preparations for the fall. We may understand that these savings plans are an effective way to save money and reduce the impacts of annual taxation, but how much do you really understand about the RESP process? Here’s a short guide to help you understand exactly what you’re purchas...
Achieving Financial Independence for Women: What Sets Us Back in 202220220422004909

Achieving Financial Independence for Women: What Sets Us Back in 2022

Financial independence: a term that has risen in popularity over the years and has come to mean something important to women worldwide. But what does it really look like, and who does it really matter to? What is Financial Independence? Simply stated, financial independence means three things: Control over your finances; The ability to support […]...
Closing the Gender Wealth & Investing Gap20220222220228

Closing the Gender Wealth & Investing Gap

Even as women are becoming increasingly responsible for bringing in an equal (or greater) share of the household income, there’s lagging support in familiarizing women with investment strategies. And while a large number of Canadians are not truly financially literate, men often plunge ahead with investments and other financial strategies due to their statistically greater appetite for risk....