IP360° Podcast, Ep 1 – What Is a Family Office, and Why Do I Need One?

We’re joined today by CEO of IP Private Wealth, Richard Kluska. With his decades of experience, and as the founder of the IP 360° philosophy, Richard is the perfect person to walk us through today’s topic: What is a Family Office, and Why do I Need One?

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Richard Kluska, CIM®

Richard is the founder, CEO, and portfolio manager of IP Private Wealth. Richard has been in the financial service industry for over 35 years. He has believed in and promoted independent financial services from the company’s inception as a method to provide clients with true, unbiased advice in the area of wealth management. In the Ottawa area, he pioneered the Multi-Family Office approach to wealth management, creating a comprehensive network of professionals to assist clients in all aspect of their financial needs.