Financial Q&A: How do physicians prepare for being business owners?

Senior wealth advisor David Bourada talks about how physicians need to prepare for business ownership, and what is missing from their support network. IP Private Wealth provides 360° wealth management and financial planning for affluent Canadians of high net worth through a Family Office model.

What is IP Private Wealth?

IP Private Wealth is a Family Office—a team of wealth advisors that operates as a round-table board of advisors. Our 360° approach to examining your goals, wealth, and future needs is what makes us the first and only choice of family office for our clients. If you’ve been looking for a way to manage your wealth more effectively, reach out to us.

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David Bourada, CIM®

David Bourada, Senior Wealth Advisor at IP Private Wealth has been assisting incorporated physicians and their families for over 13 years. David’s passion and purpose is to be the “Financial Quarterback” for his clients by coordinating their financial, tax, cash flow, risk management and estate planning needs through the IP360 Approach. David has authored “The Physician’s Guide to Personal Finance and Investing” and has been a guest speaker at The Ottawa Hospital on numerous occasions.