5 Trips to Add to Your Retirement Bucket List

When it comes to retirement, many people worry that they will become bored. After spending the majority of your life busy with work, it’s not unusual to think that suddenly changing your habits will be a challenge. But it’s important to give yourself permission to relax, explore, and have fun now that you’re no longer tied down to an office. So what are you going to get up to first? Travelling is often top of the list for many retirees but for those looking to try something a little out of the ordinary, here are five suggestions to add to your retirement bucket lists. 

1. Rent a Castle in Europe

Lisheen Castle in the Heart of Ireland

Why not start with a fairytale dream come true? Not everyone can own a European castle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rent one. Rentals are available at a number of stunning castles across Europe in a wide range of sizes and styles — some even include maid and chef service! Spend a few weeks living like royalty in your own (temporary) castle just for the fun of it.

Why this trip is perfect for a retiree: After a career full of hard work, long hours, and busy schedules, you’re ready for something extraordinary. This is the type of trip that allows you to sit back, relax, and just enjoy yourself. Without kids in tow, you can plan this trip without worrying about how close the nearest theme park might be. Also, you’ve finally got the freedom to stay for several weeks! That’s not something you were able to do in your working days, but now the only thing on the schedule is being treated like royalty. 

2. See the Northern Lights in Finland’s Glass Igloos

couple standing inside of the Glass igloos in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland
Photo by Valtteri Hirvonen | Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort

Seeing the Northern Lights is naturally an experience that takes your breath away. But for those lucky enough to see the Northern Lights in one of Finland’s Glass Igloos, it’s taken to a whole other level. The Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finland gives you options of a glass igloo, a igloo-cabin combo, or even a snow igloo if you’re feeling extra adventurous. It’s incredible to see the Northern Lights with absolutely no light pollution from any nearby towns, and even better that you get to stay warm indoors while doing it! If the cold was ever a deterrent for you venturing up north to see the spectacular display of lights, then these glass igloos are the solution.  

Why this trip is perfect for a retiree: There are some things that are just so spectacular that they should never be missed. Many people spend their younger years travelling around glitzy cities and other bustling destinations, but as we get older, we often crave some peace; this may also be the first time in many years when you can actually stop worrying about having good wifi and phone service, because there are no more office emergencies! The perfect time to travel somewhere remote. 

3. Family Heritage Trip

Many people have an idea about their family heritage. Maybe your grandparents came over from Italy, or your great-grandparents were from Brazil; our nation is full of diverse histories. Get in touch with your ancestors by investigating your own heritage and plan a trip based on your discoveries. You can use sites like ancestry.ca, familysearch.org, or talk to a genealogist to discover where your family comes from. You may learn something about your family tree that you never knew, and it may give you places to visit that you never would have thought of before. Plan your trip to see some of the specific villages and provinces that are relevant to your family’s history. Exploring the local culture and not just the big tourist areas will give you a truly meaningful adventure. 

Why this trip is perfect for a retiree: Enjoying the free time of retirement is something we all look forward to. With age comes the wisdom that our connection to our families is the most important thing, and learning about our roots is a common interest. There’s something special about being able to tell your family all about where their family came from. The hands-on historical experience you’ll get from a trip like this one will make a lasting impression on you and the next generation. You’ve spent long enough working hard and spending time away from your family; now that you’re retired, it’s time to reconnect. Plan this venture for a time when you can bring a generation or two along with you!

4. Japan Cherry Blossom Season

Japan’s Cherry Blossoms make you feel like you’re not only in another country, but on an entirely different planet. The sheer volume of stunning pink trees that spread out in various areas throughout the country are almost surreal–and better yet, they are easily accessible thanks to tours designed for those looking to hit the best spots. It’s a unique choice for the retiree who wants to see the world and experience a culture completely unlike their own. 

Why this trip is perfect for a retiree: Cherry blossom season is an incredible experience for a person of any age, that much is true. However, because of the large number of guided tours designed specifically for the retired community, retirees will  benefit from the simplicity of the trip planning process. There’s no complicated organization or scheduling—just arrive and follow the tours as they are laid out. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else make the plans! 

5. Luxury Cruising

cruise ship at sunset out at sea

Of course, living the retired life isn’t complete without a cruise or two. Whether you venture down south to the beaches, up north for an Alaskan adventure, or east for a European expedition, you really can’t go wrong with a cruise. But instead of a regular week-long cruise, take it to the next level: there are cruise lines offering vacations for “snow birds” that are up to 70 days long.

Marathon cruising is gaining popularity among retirees who don’t find standard retirement living appealing. This type of cruising is like going down to Florida for the winter, except instead of renting a house, you rent a room on a luxurious cruise ship and have all your meals, laundry, and cleaning done for you while you sit by the pool. And as an added bonus you’ll end up seeing so much of the world as you stop at various ports on your way across the ocean. Not a bad option for those who are looking to escape the cold winters. 

Why this trip is perfect for a retiree: These long cruises are the perfect retirement adventure. Not only will they keep you out of the cold weather for the winter, but they take care of all those annoying chores that no one really wants to do anyways. It’s an adventurous alternative to the typical Florida rentals, and lets you see so much more of the world then you could have thought possible. Because many of these extremely long cruises are designed for retirees, you’ll find that you’ve got a built-in community and activities you’ll actually enjoy for the trip. 

No matter what you end up adding to your retirement bucket list, the important thing to remember is to have fun. It is admittedly a lot easier to enjoy yourself if you’ve made a successful plan before you retire. If you’re interested in speaking with our team to start making the right retirement plan so you can check off everything on your retirement bucket list one day, get in touch with us now.